The Presidents Perspective 2020

The Presidents Perspective 2020

The Presidents Perspective 2020 4000 2667 David Colyn

Hamilton General Hospital

Burn Trauma Unit

Dear Members

The International Association of Arson Investigators Ontario is pleased to support the Burn Trauma Unit at Hamilton General Hospital.  Colleen Cowman offered our group an informative tour of the unit.  We learned of the amazing team of front line professionals offering physical and emotional support to those who have sustain serious burns. 

Colleen proudly displayed the “wall of fame”, a collage of badges from individual fire departments that have offered  their support in the past.  It was very impressive and a constant reminder to staff and burn victims of community support. 

Donations support ongoing professional development of the staff and other needs within the unit.  Your team can also offer support of the Burn Trauma Unit by contacting Colleen Cowman at the Hamilton General Hospital Foundation.

On behalf of the I.A.A.I Ontario, thank you and stay safe.

David Colyn